As a professional architectural and interiors photographer based in Seattle, I am inspired by the beauty and simplicity of minimalism and the unique forms found in the region. With a decade of experience in the industry, I have developed a deep appreciation for the interplay between form and function, and a passion for capturing the unique character and style of each project.

In my work, I strive to showcase the precise and purposeful use of geometry in each project, highlighting the skill and creativity of the architects and designers involved. My images are not just about capturing the appearance of a space, but also about conveying its underlying structure and design principles.

In addition to my work in architectural photography, I also have a love for capturing the warmth and ambiance of hospitality spaces in the Pacific Northwest. From chic hotels to cozy retreats, I know how to showcase the atmosphere and amenities of each space in a way that is true to the region's style and character.

If you are in need of professional architectural photography services that highlight the geometric beauty of your projects, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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